Black Cat Blue Sea Award


Black Cat Blue Sea Award

It’s an honor and a privilege to be nominated for any kind of award. I never heard of this award before, so it’s exciting to learn about something new. The Black Cat Sea Award is for bloggers who make an effort to write for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting  out or have been blogging for years, what matters the most is that you inspire your readers. Because at the end of the day we are all bloggers trying to share what inspires us the most.

Thanks so much to (Shay-lon) ,who is a wonderful blogger and has nominated me for this award. I don’t need a big award to feel thankful. the-black-cat-blue-sea-award-rules

My Answers:

Which is worse, living the rest of your life poor or alone?

Living your life alone is worse than being poor. You can be poor money wise but rich in spirit. That is far more valuable than lacking money. Living alone would mean you would have no one to share love, joy or happiness with. No one to talk to when you are feeling down, just you. Most people are depressed when there is no one to back them up, no one wants to die alone. In order to inspire the world you have to share with others, you can inspire someone while being poor. It’s all about the mindset.

Do you think giving to charity makes someone a good person?                                        

 Anyone, can be a good person in the eyes of society. I can be the coldest person in the world and still give to charity, just because I want a write-off. All people see is giving money they don’t see the heart. It’s take someone with a good heart to give to charity and truly be sincere about it.

What makes you think the world still has good in it?                                                            

 Look around, look at you and me. If there was no good left, people wouldn’t be out here giving their very best to others. As long as love still exists good shall be passed on. It only take two people to gather together.


    My Questions:                                                                                                                          

1. If you could give a homeless person a gift, what would you give?                                

2.If the world ended in one week, and you could write one last letter what would it say ( Summarize in one paragraph).                                                                                          

3.What means the most to you money or love?    

 I Nominate the following:

  1. Keith Haney

 2. A Kinder way

 3. Mack

4.Tim Miller

5.  Daniela Soriano


7. Send Sunshine

8.Art- Colored Glasses

  Look forward to viewing your answers!!!

 xoxo, Shawna