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Picture of the Day:

I was suppose to do OOTD but I’m no fashionista. So I decided to swap it with a picture I took today. This is my two daughters and I, like to take pictures with them to remind myself that I have to set an example for them.

This generation has lost something special, a strong bond with parents. They are occupied by their phones, tablets and viedo games  that we forget to set aside time, quality time. As a mother of girls it is important to me that they learn how to enjoy life outside the box. I don’t want them glued to electronics. Learn something that will make you better, do something that will impact the world.

Remind them to not be afraid to stand out and be yourself. Take pride in what you believe and stand firm on it. I want to be that mother they look up to and not see me as their friend, but their mom.

Happy Saturday!!!

Xoxo, Shawna

Remember: Be Helpers one to another 💜