The Shift, do you feel it too?

Hey Beautiful People!!!

People are always quoting “It’s a New Season” people want to see harvest come about from what they have sowed into their lives. People sow into what they want to grow with all their might and faith knowing that one day, month or year that it will come to pass.

There is something so great about 2017. I believe this is the year everything you have been trying to complete for years us about to happen if you are focused. For some reason, I have this feeling of wholeness, like God is just doing new things. For insecurity, anxiety, past issues from years ago, marriages, friendships on and on. We must keep our faith and believe it shall come to pass.

This year is the year where faith should become even stronger. It is really a new season to be blessed. Things are shifting so prepare yourself for good things

Have a blessed Night 🙂

Always, Shawna