Fibromyalgia Shoulder Blade Pain; Treated with Lidocaine Injections

There is this pain that takes place in my shoulder blades every blue moon and when it hits me it’s a wrap. I don’t know how many of you know the exact pain I am speaking about, but when it’s there it stay there and nags at you for hours and sometimes days. Nothing would take the pain away except for strong pain killers, which made me sick. I kept going to different doctors in hopes they could help me but it all was in vain.

The only thing that took the pain away for that moment was deep tissue massaging it, which left me in pain and sore afterward.None of the Fibromyalgia medications helped with my shoulder blade pain. I decided to go see a different local doctor, he explained to me that he has been researching and since none of the medications given were helping,  he wanted to try and numb the area. At that moment I was like ” I do not care what you do, just take away this pain” This doctor injected lidocaine into several spots around my shoulder blade which are called “trigger point injections”…..What a relief!! 288The only con was it numbed my arms as well, but I was still able to use them. The lidocaine lasted a couple of days, which is not bad anything beats taking strong pain meds.

Even though it worked, I found myself having to go back to the doctor once a week just for the injections. I fell weary and wanted something, I didn’t have to go to the doctor every week for. It was hard for me to find something just to pinpoint the shoulder blade pain and besides as time went on I was at the doctor for all kinds of things. The doctor looked confused and so did I and I walked away with steroids…of course.

I think if I need a quick fix, I would go back to get the injections but I can’t bring myself to go every week. Now, I try all I can to overcome the pain at home. I try massaging it out with a golf ball most of the times and then take a hot shower. Whatever works!

If you have bad shoulder blade pain from Fibromyalgia, what is it that you do?

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