Pregnancy: Miscarriage Experience with Cytotec

miscarriageHey Ladies! I want to share my miscarriage story with you all. I am currently still at home on sick leave due to this. My emotions are running wild, I don’t know whether to feel happy that at least I am alive or sad because I keep seeing so many pregnant women and their big pregnant bellies. It’s is driving me insane I tell you!!!

It was when I went to my first ultrasound appointment which I was 10 weeks lmp. The doctor *(this doctor lived 99mi away from me)noticed the baby was not growing as it should, so she sent me to do a  stat HCG level blood test. I called back the next day to check and they were gone and it was a Friday, so I had to wait all weekend to get results. Finally, I called Monday and they told me my HCG levels were still rising and in a week go get another ultrasound. By this time I was 12 weeks, I went to see an ultrasound technician and they did a vaginal and regular ultrasound on me. Of course, no result were given and they explained results would be ready by the end of the day. I results ready.

At this point, I was beyond frustrated! I gave them a call on Friday results were in, but the doctor was busy and would give me a call. Friday ended no call, On Saturday I received a voicemail no call. On this voicemail, she said I could call the office back and the machine should give me an after hours number to call. I called not even one ring, trust me I tried 20 times. On Monday, I called a spoke with the doctor finally she said ” ultrasound showed nothing in sac, and I should make an appointment to talk about options”. God know how much I wanted to tell her off about all the waiting I had to do.

Now I am 13 weeks since lmp, the doctor gave me Cytotec 200mg and tells me to insert 4 tablets vaginally every 8 hours. buy_cytotex_misoprostol_200mcg_pillI started the next day and requested time off work. The pain was horrible! To make a long story short on the 4th day after my shower, I began to hemorrhage on my bathroom floor ( my poor kids had to see). I was rushed to the local hospital and an ultrasound was done, not one piece of my pregnancy had come out. The cytotec was a huge fail, I was admitted in the hospital to have a D&C the next morning.  During that night I developed a fever of 104.3 and was shaking so bad since my cervix was open for 4 days I caught and infection inside my uterus. My blood was dropping it was at 10 when I was admitted and a 6.8 by the next day. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days, I begged the doctor to let me be home for Christmas 🙂 and he did.

I was off work for 3 weeks total,  when I returned to work for about a week I had a gush of blood while at a birthday party. Within second my pad, panties, pants were full and began leaking onto the floor. OMG, I kept saying not again! I rested and kicked my feet up. The next 2 days no blood at all, so I went back to work or so I thought. Right when I was about to walk into work boom a gush another gush of blood dripping all over the ground.I rushed to the doctor he sent me to do labs and an ultrasound, everything came back okay my HCG levels are coming down but slowly. He (local doctor) is still concerned about me not bleeding at all and then having a gush of blood. Well, I am off work for another week playing the waiting game praying I don’t have a gush of blood. If  I do I must call the doctor right away and another D&C but be done.

This has been a horrible experience and I hate going through this, but I still have my life. I hope one day to welcome a new baby.

Anyone else have a story to tell after taking cytotec?

Always, Shawna


Author: AlwaysShawna

I am a Christian Young Lady, who happens to deal with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I want to make one thing clear I no longer take my meds but, my body is not healed from this illness but in remission with the Grace of God. My mind is healed and I don't have the same thinking toward my illness. I believe I, can be in remission for how long as I want if I take care of my body. I want to help spread Gods goodness and to also help ease chronic illness pain by fueling your body with healthy foods and good exercise. Everyone has their own pace with chronic illness, but I am here for you to support you with the help of God.

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy: Miscarriage Experience with Cytotec”

  1. I don’t have a story to share with you I want to say I’m so so sorry for what you had to go through. It all seemed so mishandled. The experience is bad enough but going through all of the added problems seem so wrong. I would say new doctors for sure. I do hope that all goes well for you both mentally and physically and I hope if you want another little one, it will be in your future soon. God Bless you.


  2. Hi Shawna, I’ve had this page bookmarked all week and finally have time to sit down and read it. Oh my dear, I am so sorry this happened to you. I am so confused why your doctor recommended Cytotec though… I’m pretty sure pregnancy is a contraindication to Cytotec because it can cause cervical ripening? Is it because they saw nothing in the sac and were trying to induce labor? Even so, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be administered in the hospital under medical supervision, so I’m surprised they gave it to you at home. I’m so sorry to ask so many questions- as a future nurse I want to understand so I can hopefully advocate for my patients better ❤ No worries if you don't want to answer. Also, your vulnerability amazes me. I can’t imagine how hard this is to share and I send you MASSIVE hugs and love. ❤


    1. Mack, no worries I love questions. The doctor I seen in my town says it was wayy to strong for me and it should not have been given unless she was planning on doing a d and c in the morning. He seemed very upset. It is usually given to abort babies, but also given for a missed miscarriage depends on the dosage. And yes it is also given for cervical ripening but at a different dose, I was given that dosage when I was induced with my youngest to help be start contracting before pitocin was given. This whole thing was not handled right but that’s okay, I am glad God was protecting me. You will make a great nurse soon, remember questions are always needed to learn. xoxo

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      1. Thank you so much for sharing with me, Shawna! I appreciate it a ton. This information is really great to know moving forward in my career- especially if I end up on a maternity unit at some point. I just wish it didn’t have to happen to you for me to learn! But you are so right- God definitely has His hand over you, sweet girl. Thank you for your encouragement. I hope that you have a beautiful Sunday ❤

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  3. My sissy – although I know about your story, I really didn’t know the details. Even though I spoke to you during your time in the hospital, it was more important to me at that time for you to get rest. And I wished I wasn’t so far away in that moment. Reading this has touched me deeply as it’s a testimony for some who still will never admit going through a miscarriage. I thank God for bringing you out even stronger than before. May He continue to strengthen your Faith and use you in a mighty way to be a blessing to others. Love you so much❤💙💜💝💞

    Sissy 💗🙏

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