Meditation of the Week


Every day when we rise there is always something that needs to be done. You know that one thing you were thinking about all night long while you laid down in bed. You were thinking how would I pay my bill, how am I going to get to work. We ask ourselves so many how questions that we don’t even notice that we start to worry all day long. Worrying leads to stress and stress leads to sickness. We never think stress can go that far but it will, your mind doesn’t get a break and it is constantly speeding until it gets burnt out.

This week I challenge you to cast all your cares upon God, he already knows everything that you need before you even think of it. All you need is faith that’s the size of a mustard seed, right? So, go ahead plant a seed and watch God work for you this week. Just know God will provide your needs right on time.

Stay Blessed,

Always Shawna