Meditation of the Week

Is Your Purpose Aligned with Your Destination

Each of us is given a purpose to fulfill in this world. None of us have the same talent because we were all made differently. We may have the same goals, but our purpose in life is assigned differently to each and every one of us. God had a purpose when he created each of us, he put all his heart and soul to little us to bring back something special. destination-2Sometimes it takes a while to find what our purpose in life is with all the detours we journey on, but deep down within our hearts crave something more. Something that we can pour our hearts into, something that we can give our all too, something that’s going to make us feel so exciting that it’s going to overflow and you just can’t keep it to yourself.

That’s when you know your purpose is about to create your destiny. Everything will start to fall in place when you are on the right track. Doors that you thought were closed will now become open because you are now walking in your purpose to your destination. There is always a reason why God gave you a certain purpose, it’s because he believes you can do it. He knows your future and he knows what you are able to do, he wants to see you reach your destination but first, you must fulfill your purpose.