Young Ladies Support Group: Do you have Facebook?


Hey, Ladies!!

I partnered with Syneka from STRENGTH & VIRTUE™ and created a facebook group. It is a closed group and the name of it is Young Ladies to Victorious Women. It’s a support group to encourage young Christian ladies to live out loud. Meet other ladies going through similar problems and adults that can help support you.

This is a safe place for you to come and talk, get encouragement and even inspire girls. We all have a gift from God, so why not share it and bless someone else.

Come Join In!!!



Author: AlwaysShawna

I am a Christian Young Lady, who happens to deal with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I want to make one thing clear I no longer take my meds but, my body is not healed from this illness but in remission with the Grace of God. My mind is healed and I don't have the same thinking toward my illness. I believe I, can be in remission for how long as I want if I take care of my body. I want to help spread Gods goodness and to also help ease chronic illness pain by fueling your body with healthy foods and good exercise. Everyone has their own pace with chronic illness, but I am here for you to support you with the help of God.

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