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I am the creator of Always Shawna, I created this blog because I’ve always had the passion for writing just never knew where to begin. I grew up with an autoimmune disease known as rheumatoid arthritis and later on down the line was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’ve always been the type of person to see past my illness because I know God has all the power.

I created this blog to inspire, motivate and educate other ladies and gents who need that extra push. I wanted to create a different atmosphere, not just about chronic illness but also faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith must be strong in order to deal with life issues because they can weigh us down. They have weighed ME down, with the help of God I’m able to rise and be a support system for others.

Who can benefit from this blog (This Blog is for YOU):

-If you have a Chronic Illness: I share stories, educate and will post health and fitness post

-Do you like free downloads…Who doesn’t like FREE things 🙂 Well, I have free planners, bible reading plans and more to come.

-Need encouragement/Increase your walk with God- You are at the right place, I post inspirations, meditations, and Bible series

– Are you a young lady who would like support? I have a page known as Young Ladies to Victorious Women.

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 My goals are to write inspirational/devotional books that can help others.I want to see lives changed, give people hope and empower them. I hope you find this site encouraging and uplifting. 

Many more thing to Come!

“All things are working for my good”

Here is my welcome gift to you! A FREE 30 + 1 Day Chronic Illness  Bible Reading Plan also found in my free download tab

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Disclaimer: All health related information on my blog is not to be replaced with any medical diagnosis or treatment. I speak from personal experience with my chronic illness and what has worked for me along my journey. Always speak with a physician if you are experiencing any life-threatening symptoms or before starting any workout program.