October Challenge

oct-blogging-challengeI am a few day  late, but this seems like something fun to do! I found this on Girlmeetslife.com should be fun. Now, I better go catch up since tomorrow is the 7th.

Have a Great Night Everyone!

XOXO, Shawna 


Working Out with Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you are like me and like to eat healthy, then I assume you also like to have some sort of workout regimen planned out as well. Working out with an illness that causes joint pain and muscles aches can be hard  to deal with. This can discourage you, causing you to lose interest and forget about working out altogether. I’ve been there many of times and it’s far beyond frustrating.

See, I personally love weights and heavy lifting. I grew up with six brothers, who loved to workout. When I would see growth in my muscles I would get so excited, showing off my gains. Who was I, fooling I could only do it for so long. After a month of training my body I had a horrible flare up and I was down for about 6 months. So over the years when I wasn’t having a flare up and decided to lift heavy, I notice I would have a flare up. So I became aware that stress on my muscles with the weights were causing wear and tear on my joints.

Since the age of thirteen I, was told that eventually knee replacements would have to happen for me. So, I must avoid making things worse. My knees hurt daily because they are already damaged so I learned to modify my workouts.

Always listen to your body, it talks to you if you pay attention to it. You don’t want to damage your body more than it already is. So if it hurts please stop and never force anything.

I noticed I can’t workout 5-6 times a day ;because it puts too much strain on my bones.  For me 3-4 times a week is more than enough, some can only handle 2-3 days which is great. Most important thing is to stay active, keeping those bones lubricated. Instead of lifting like a cross-trainer I now replace the bar with bands. Bands work just as great and you still build muscle to protect the joints.

I know it is hard to workout during a flare up, but you have to try to do just a few exercises it helps a lot.  Even if it’s just walking back and forth outside a few times, or around the park one time. A little exercise is better than none. I will have to post some of my different exercises I do, when I am in a flare up and when I am not. You can modify them to fit your needs. Look out for those soon !

Remember: Be HELPER to one another 

XOXO, Shawna 

Without Ceasing

Great Morning!

I am just thinking back this morning as I, drink my morning coffee. When I was 5 years old my mother passed out on her way to the bathroom, she was diagnosed with leukemia. I remember I didn’t like going to the hospital because the way she look scared me. I only went a few times; I was only 5 I didn’t understand. I knew she was sick, but not what caused her appearance to change.

Out of that whole time she was battling cancer the only thing that really stood out to me was the way my daddy prayed. He prayed without ceasing, not only did he pray but he called upon others from the church to pray as well. When my father prayed you could see the desire and genuineness he put forth, and he didn’t give up.

My mother battled this for a few years, and she is still here today. I’m 29 now, even though my father is now gone he installed in me to never give up. No matter how tough the road may get, pray without ceasing. Yes, I am aware of the condition that tries to take over. I am also aware that I have more power than my illness will ever have. So every day when I wake up, I let my illness know who I AM. I will not be defeated by some illness that is trying to stop me from my blessings. I will stand in the gap for every person suffering. God had changed my way of thinking, and because of that I can stand here medicine free and encourage other people.

I am not against prescription medications, and never will I tell someone to stop doing what works for them. I can only do what works for me. I can only share my story and experiences with you. I’m not here by mistake, and neither are you.

Remember: Be helpers to one another 💜

Shawna XOXO


As I woke up this morning, I realized I’m still on this earth for a reason. Yes, I do have a illness that affects my daily living and times get hard when I just want to quit. But over time I have learned what works for me.

By listening to God and allowing him to speak to me I now know what I can and can’t do. There are days when I slip up and eat things I shouldn’t or over work myself causing a flare up to happen. At least I, know where I can turn to in order to bring my focus back on where it needs to be.

Im sure most of us could have been taken from this world many of times, but God has spared our lives to continue to fulfill His purpose.

Yes, some days will be worse than others. But God is there for you. God will give you the wisdom and strength to guide you through this season. It won’t be easy, but you made it this far. Don’t Quit!

Be HELPERS to another 💜

Have a Blessed Day!




Healing is a Process

1475548464819I lost a great man on July 10, 2005. It was a month after I had graduated High School, I got a call from my mother saying ” Dad wouldn’t  make it through the day”. I tell you my heart must have jumped out my chest, I didn’t know what to say or emotion to feel. Even though I held it together when everyone was around I was really a train wreck. I didn’t want him to go because I needed him he was my back bone.

My father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in my freshmen year of high school, when I was battling my own illness. I remember he never wanted to show me that he was in pain. One day he must have felt really nauseous and instead of going to the bathroom he ran outside in the back instead and coming back in as if nothing had happened. He spoke nothing of it and neither did I.

To this day I still can’t recall when things took a turn for the worst. It went from him taking shots daily to being placed on the liver transplant list within 2 years. I could look in his eyes and tell he was in so much pain, but never said much. He held on and stayed humbled with a smile that could bring sunshine in a dark room.
I really regret distancing myself from him once things became worse, but I couldn’t see him that way. It tore me apart and my heart became cold. I did some things in my life that I am not happy about. Pain must be dealt with or it can ruin your life. Not one outlet made it better it just made it worse, and I hurt a lot of people in the process.

When I was given the news that he had gone home to be with the Lord, I cried but really all I felt was anger. When I was taken to the hospital, I saw him lying there lifeless at that moment I died inside. My life got buried when he did, no words to say to anyone what was the point. I was hurting and didn’t know how to release it. Continue reading “Healing is a Process”

Not every person is ready

Even though you feel people should take heed when you give them information, it doesn’t always work your way. God has a certain path for everyone, everyone has a pace at which they learn. Some slower than others and some quicker, but you can’t force them to do anything. When they are ready they will come find you.

Autoimmune Disease doesn’t have me!

Dreams are worth the chase!


A little About Me

Have you ever wanted to do something, but every time you tried it seemed like you always ran into a stumbling block? I always knew some type of writing was my calling when you are passionate about something it’s not going to leave so easily. My mind was constantly moving, but every time I would try to write everything would go blank. I would give up and come back to writing every year and do the same thing. I left my computer feeling dumb and frustrated .

I was told by the doctor that it was (fibro-fog) one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia . This year I won’t let it stop me, I’m going to do all I can to be successful at this. Bible says ” I can do all things through Christ, that gives me strength” I believe this.

Here is a little about me; I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, my Continue reading “Autoimmune Disease doesn’t have me!”