Dear Younger Me

Dear Shawna,

Tomorrow you will be 30 years old. Happy Birthday! You have been on this earth for 30 years and in that time you have seen and done a lot. Out of everything you have grown. You have many disappointing things happen and hurt people along the way, you had happy moments and times that made you cry. You got a chance to grow up with wonderful parents and brothers and sisters that mean everything to you. Even through you had trying times you still always knew were to run for help, even though you never fully gave in.

You had a big life changing event that happen when you were 18, but even though it caused lots of pain it made you who you are now. It made you faithful just like he was. And made you realize your mother could have passed when she had leukemia but God spared her life, not knowing she would be the parent to watch me grow into I am today.

God always has a plan, you brought into the world to amazing little girls that love God. No matter the age you had them they were still a blessing from God. You are blessed to have their father around to let them see what it is like to have to parents. Everyday isnt like sprinkles and pretty flowers, but you stay faithful.

You developed an illness early in life that caused you to miss out in life, but you only miss out on what you think you have missed out on. As long as you are alive you have the power to do anything you want to do and be all you can be.

As 30 begins live and let God control every minute of your life, dont live in regrets live in possibilities. Never let your past determine your future, dont be afraid to enjoy life and dont be afraid to fall. Always get up and walk in faith

May God Bless you with many more years!

30 year old Shawna! Smooches

Roadway growing-upward to the better future
Follow the faithful Path