Hold on to It

I feel when you are at the tip of your breakthrough and you know for sure it is about to happen you get knock back a few steps. Will you let that waver your faith? Will you let that storm cause you to lose everything you’ve worked for?

Sometimes I think the devil is running right beside us trying to ease up real slick like right next to you then he will trip you so he can win the race. If we keep every blindspot open we can always speed up or slide left or right dodging all of his attempts.

The devil is a sore loser and the games he plays are childish, and he will never put that aside he as one mission only and one mindset. Through it all we must keep our eyes on the prize, the devil is going to do all he can to prevent you from winning . We are already winners you just have to make it known to him. Stay ready and prepared for things he will try to throw your way, always remember the promises of God and study the word of God, because there is no one Greater.

Today you may be going through situations that are trying to waver your faith. Always remember at the end of the day God is still God. No matter the circumstance no matter the outcome keep your faith because he is faithful.

God Bless You💜