Total Juicing Challenge: (Over 125 Juices)

I love juicing so much I have decided to do a challenge. Many people are probably familiar with the Total Juicing book by Elaine LaLanne it has over 125 healthful ways to use fresh fruit and vegetables. In this book, they talk about the many benefits juicing has for your health. Since I have a Chronic Illness I am always looking for ways to keep me motivated to staying healthy during my journey.

I have decided to create a challenge, it’s not a 30-day challenge or 60-day challenge. It is a challenge to make all the juices provided in this book (Over 125). I will be doing the stencil.instagram-post (11)following:

  1. Posting (2) juices a week
  2. Taking pictures of how my juice turned out
  3. Giving you my honest opinion of the taste
  4. Providing information on its benefits.

I hope by doing this, you may at least try one that will help you or a family member and improve your/their quality of life. Be on the look out for (2) post each week!

See you Soon!

Always Shawna



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October Blog Challenge-Story Behind my Blog name

Blog Name: Mindfulness

Quick Post:

I am being aware of every moment in my illness journey. I was always depending on doctors to fix me with medicine, that I really never took the time to learn my own things to help me during this time. I learned new things everyday, lifestyle changes, fitness, and many more things.

I want to make people aware while I make myself aware. I know everyone has their own journey and deal with their pain differently. I am here just to encourage you and pray I can help you in a tough time, while I do mindfulness things.mindful

xoxo Shawna