5 Reasons I Quit Taking My RA & Fibromyalgia Medication

I get this question asked a lot “why don’t you take your meds?” they ask if there is medication for your diagnosis why aren’t you utilizing it? Honestly, I’ve always been someone to take up on a challenge, but this is not the reason I quit taking my meds. Some days my meds helped me and some days it caused me to feel much worse than I already was. I just got tired of taking so many meds a day and being so isolated life just felt numb to me and no reason to live in it. So I got the courage 4 years ago to grab all my meds and toss them for good! Here are 5 reasons why;


  1. Steroids- I started taking prednisone at 14 and even though it made me feel better it was still covering up the root cause. It caused me to gain so much weight, I hated it. It was a temporary fix, I was tired of the temporary.
  2. Consistency-  I was prescribed a lot of meds that were both for cancer and autoimmune diseases so my hair will grow to fall out. If I caught a cold or the flu I would have to stop the meds until it passed. For some reason all the side effects of the meds that only show in a few people, I was always that few! So doctors’ were always switching my meds trying new things.
  3. Sleepiness- It’s already tough being a mother, it’s so much harder when you can’t even stay awake. I would be so out of it and by the time I would wake up the sun was down and the day escaped me. So, how did I keep a job? Caffeine! it was my BFF I drunk about 10 cups a day just to get me by, but I would only end up sicker than I was because caffeine is a big trigger when I’m having a flare-up. There was nothing I could do because my body became so immune to the meds so quickly they would have to bump it up to a higher dosage.
  4. Addiction- I became addicted to Xanax, I found myself popping pills when I wasn’t even having anxiety just because they made me feel a little alive. I could smile on days I really didn’t have it in me. I drank a lot because it made me numb and in that moment took me away from that person I hated most (Sick Shawna).
  5. Family- I was missing out on family, I avoided family gatherings because I would be so nervous of questions (Wow, Shawna you gained weight or Wow, you have gotten so skinny) yea…yea.. if only you knew my struggles. I couldn’t stand loud noises and I didn’t want them to see me have an anxiety attack because I was afraid to be around a big crowd. I just go tired of explaining myself.

I got tired of living this way, and I couldn’t stand another day of it. So I prayed to God…well more liked screamed, hollered and sobbed. I said enough is enough, I won’t continue to live my life this way and gave myself away to God so he could use me. That’s when I tried my first Daniel fast, started detoxing and doing so much research. God started to overflow my mind with things that needed to be done and they work for me. Some days get tough but I press on because God is greater than my illness. See my illness had me bound on the verge to committing suicide and ending it all but God said otherwise. I feel so free and full of life, this is my why. I have now found my purpose in life. I wasn’t created to be sick my whole life, but to find God and fulfill the purpose he created me for.  I was just a person that the medication didn’t work out for. I’m just glad to be medication free and living life with a purpose.





Daily Planner: By His Stripes

I'm Blessed (1)Daily Planner PDF: By His Stripes

Natural Vitality (Calm): Is it Worth the Hype?

 Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that comes in powder form it is known as their “Anti-Stress Drink”. This supplement will restore healthy magnesium levels and is also vegan approved. So why do we need magnesium? We need magnesium to stay healthy calm drink 1because it helps regulate a lot of our bodies function including; muscles, nerves, blood, bones etc.

I looked up signs of low magnesium levels and you will be shocked after this especially if you are always having these symptoms; muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, and chronic pain. Since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis/Fibromyalgia chronic pain was a big one for me, it’s crazy how such little things that we ignore cause such huge problems. I encourage you to learn all signs and symptoms of low magnesium so that you can stay on top of it.

Okay so to the good stuff, is Natural Calm worth the hype? Yes it is I, noticed a big change after taking only 1 teaspoon for about 3 days. On the 3rd day, I actually slept like a baby. I was having insomnia for about 2 months and going to bed at 1:00 AM, withcalm drink 2 Natural Calm I found it hard to stay awake once 9:30 pm hit I just felt at peace. It not only helped my sleeping and anxiety but also in the bathroom department.

Since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis I sometimes go up to 7 days without going to the bathroom. This is never good for anyone, but with the right eating plan, it has improved. With calm, I notice I was going to the restroom more than once a day.

 This has never happened to me before so I was very surprised because it helped me feel less bloated. ****Please keep this in mind, I had to learn for myself do not overdue the serving amount or you will be using the bathroom all day! It was not fun at all I was lucky to be off that day 🙂 ***

I received the Natural calm in the flavor raspberry-lemon, at first I was nervous because it was fizzing so much, once it had calmed down I was at ease. I drank my supplement hot it was soothing and reminded me of some nice hot tea. I also added a slice of lemon for taste. I am all for this supplement and will continue to buy it. This is truly an awesome supplement that everyone should keep on hand especially if you have a chronic illness, diabetes, heart problems and more.

We only get one body, but we do get several chances to get things right. Let’s invest in ourselves because our bodies deserve the very best.

For more information and a free e-booklet on the Health Benefits of Magnesium go to www.nutritionalmagnesium.org and sign up for their free newsletter.

Always Shawna

Chronic Illness: The Hardest Thing to Deal with Growing Up

The hardest thing to deal with growing up with chronic pain was doctor’s telling me it was all in my head. Try telling a child to just relax because I was just stressing. Excuse me, doctor what could I be stressing about I’m 14 years old. He started thinking of ways, “Maybe, did someone die in the family?” I just laughed as my mother just shook her head.

He thought I was there to seek attention because I wasn’t getting enough at home. Give me a break, we don’t choose to be sick. I felt like he was putting me in a box because I was young like young people don’t get ill. Sickness has no age. This doctor had so much evidence and he still couldn’t think outside the box. One thing he could do was prescribe me with tons of medicine.

I never once got sent to a specialist because they wanted to experiment on me themselves. What finally got them to wonder about me was that I could barely walk from door to door and couldn’t stand up straight. By the time they wanted to do something my flare was over for that moment after a long 8 months. It wasn’t in my head, our invisible illnesses aren’t real until they become visible to most but to us they are visible on the first day.

I am so glad that young children don’t have to go through this, they have great doctors now who care so much for the child’s well-being. It’s never easy missing out on school and fun activities because your body can’t handle it. One thing for sure it’s always good to know that someone cares.

Have a Bless Day!

Always Shawna

1- Day Juice Restart: How I restart my body while dealing with a Chronic Illness

Lately, my body as been expressing how much it hates me! All my joints have been hurting so much I could just tell my body was about to go into a full blown flare up. Since I don’t take my meds anymore given for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia I, kinda of know when my body is telling me I need to do something different. My heart has been acting up lately, I have a heart murmur and a leaky valve, and every time my blood gets severely low

My heart has been acting up lately, I have a heart murmur and a leaky valve, and every time my blood gets severely low it starts to give me problems such as; anxiety, shortness of breath and light-headedness. On top of the joint pain, I don’t think I can deal with it all. So, I started thinking of a way to build my blood and rid myself of tho20170206_112352-2se horrible toxins. I was not eating so well since my hormones were still going nuts after the miscarriage. I search on the internet for juices like Suja juices and others, but I wanted to do it now. I went down to my local Albertson’s and they had a few new drinks from Bolthhouse farm so I decided to create my own juice restart.

I would like to share what I did with everyone else! It is as follows: ***I drink spring water through the day, no less than half my body weight and Smooth move tea by Traditional Medicinals 

Morning- First I made a cup of hot apple(with the mother) cider vinegar tea; made with 8oz of hot water, slice of lemon and a tsp of raw honey.

7 A.M.- Bolthouse Farm Juice (Berries & Green Veggies) it consists of; 2 cups of cucumbers, 1 cup of grapes, 3/4 banana, 24 blueberries and 1 cup of spinach.

9 A.M- Bolthhouse Farm Juice (Daily Green) – this is grosss! beware it consists of; 1 1/2 apples,1 3/4 cucumber, 1/3 celery, 1/2 kiwi, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup of kale, spinach & romaine and a squeeze of lemon.

11 A.M- Bolthouse Farm Juice (1915) it consists of; apple, romaine, cucumber, spinach, kale, and lemon.

1 P.M-  Bolthouse Farm Juice (100% Carrot) I love carrot juice so much, I couldn’t pass this one. This consists of 11 1/2 of juiced carrots, YUM!

3 P.M- Bolthouse Farm Juice (1915) consists of; Beets, carrots, orange and lemon, this taste just like it was from a garden.

5 P.M- I did another Bolthouse Farm Juice (Berries & Green Veggies) it consists of; 2 cups of cucumbers, 1 cup of grapes, 3/4 banana, 24 blueberries and 1 cup of spinach.

7 P.M- instead of juicing I made me a green salad mixed with cabbage; for dressing, I mixed up olive oil, dash of salt, and squeezed half a lemon.

I can say after doing this, I feel a lot better. My healthy choices don’t stop here, I will continue to cleanse my body and make better choices in the kitchen. I feel that healing your gut is always the first step. What you put into your body can either make you better or slow you down.

Stay Blessed!

Always Shawna

Top 3 Things that helped me during My Chronic Illness

Living with a Chronic Illness is not easy it tries every part of your being. The news can be devastating that there is no cure at all for it. We hurt on the inside and no one can see our pain unless we are in a full blown flare up. I have battled this chronic illness since a young girl and sometimes I just want to quit knowing that I have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I continue to tell myself quitting is not an option and that this illness doesn’t have me under control I, have it. There are 3 top things that have helped me get through my chronic illness through the years and without them I would not be as far as I am today.

  1. Staying encouraged through reading my bible- When I  first started reading my bible I didn’t understand a thing, but I began to pray about it and God began to open my eyes. Reading my bible cause me to want to know bible-coffee-treeeven more and also change my mindset about how I see my illness. My faith became strong and I realized I was not alone and that God is with me every step of the way. Faith was my magic key to unlock my box of chronic illness. I will never see the same again.
  2. Changing my DietLooking back at my health it was horrible.I hated veggies and fruits were okay. I was lacking so many vitamins, my nutritious stats were a mess. So I changed my diet for the first time. I started off with a 3-day cleanse and to this day I can not find the recipe that I cabbage-salad-ck-1197207-xused for this, but I do remember drinking loads of ( slim tea) and a few times a meal called the cabbage salad it had ( cabbage, lemon, salt and olive oil) this was so gross 🙂 but I was up for anything. I lost 10lbs in 3 days, that is always great motivation to get you started. After doing this I started to put the daniel fast to the test. This changed everything, this confirmed what my body could take and what it couldn’t as much as food goes.
  3. Exercise- While I was on my fast, they say it’s not best to workout. Since I am so stubborn I did. I started off by walking about 2 miles I, slowly increased the miles to about 5 miles a day. It was such a breath of fresh air, walking allowed me to clear my mind and to begin to think positive about my life. morning-walk-longer-life-in-20-minutesYou never know how much negative you have built up until you have to let it go. After weeks passed I then started to workout with different DVD cd’s using up to about 15lbs weights. ” If your bones are weak, you need muscle to keep them protected”. I began to notice I was sleeping better, moving better and even smiling because I was happy and not trying to mask pain.

I could not believe I was feeling so much better. My doctor’s visits became less, and I found myself saying I can do without the medications I was prescribed *(I do not recommend you going off your medication, it takes a lot of work, it’s a whole journey in itself only if you are ready for a challenge) I have been without medication for 5 years now, but I do my Daniel fast in moderation and control what I eat. my fitness journey has been setback due to a few personal situations but it is key in my chronic illness journey.

Without these 3 things, I would still struggle with my illness today it takes hard work to stay on top of your illness. Remember you are a warrior and fight for your life, you only have one.


Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare

It has been so hard lately to get up and get to the computer and spill my brains out. My body has been taken over by fatigue for a few weeks now. November through January are always mu hardest months to get past. Rheumatoid Arthritis likes to have its way during these months every year for about 6 years now. Since I don’t take anything anymore for my illness I struggle. This too shall pass. Even though I’m not okay I will be okay because my positive out weighs my negative thoughts.

A week ago I noticed I developed another nodule on my right  pinky knuckle, man how annoying it is. I am just glad that I am becoming aware of when my arthritis acts up the most, so that I can prepare for it.

Since I am trying to battle a chronic illness without medicine it is important for me to listen to my body. If my body says sleep, I must sleep and to also up my iron and vitamin C. This is why I set up my Daniel fast starting Dec 1st it helps me get through these flare up months.

My message is to you today, is to make sure you keep a journal and learn your body. Take control of your chronic illness and stay on top of your symptoms so you can face them before they get bigger than you can handle.

Enjoy your day!


Faith During the Race of Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness can weigh you down and may be the biggest race you have to run in this life because it is long-lasting. Day after day we suffer from pain that disables us on the outside, but most importantly on the inside. Pain causing you to think differently, react differently and hope differently.

Think back to when you were feeling at your greatest in your body and the way it made you feel. We all want that back, but I wonder if it was meant to be. Not to be in pain forever no one wants that, but to be in a long enough season to reach certain people. People who are hurting just like us, who feel like all hope is lost.

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2

We are here to sympathize with others going through similar situations and be of help to them. Even when we are weak ourselves there is still a work to be done. When others become weak and fatigue during this race, we will step in and give them hope and inspire them. Let them know you are not alone, but we are in this together.

Prayer for today:

Dear God, today I stand in the gap for those who are not able to even pray for themselves, the one’s who feel all hope is lost, the one’s who feel like you have turned your back on them. I pray that you give them strength to hold on to life and to press through this trying season. ” By His stripes, we are healed” and God I believe on your word. Being sick is never an easy burden to carry, you said you wouldn’t put more on us than we could bare. God heal the fatigue, confusion, muscle aches, hurting bones, headaches, stomach problems all of the infirmities that are not of you.  I put all of those illnesses on the cross today and leave them in your hands, In Jesus name.


Be helper one to another 🙂


Things Doctors Say

Things Doctors said to Me!

I was thinking today about how it took a long time to be diagnosed when I, was always at the doctors. I just had a few laughs about what I was told growing up until now. I don’t knock doctors because they are still learning, new illnesses are coming up every day. They are doing their best.

My Timeline

4 years old, complained of pain in my left middle finger. Overnight my finger became deformed, it  would become stiff and ache a lot. My mom took me to the doctor, Doctor’s said ” Oh, we can break it and hope it grows back normal”

10 years old, complained of a large rash on the side of my face. I was fine when I went to sleep woke and I had some sort of burn on my face. Went to the doctor, Doctors said ” It’s just an allergic reaction, put this cream on”

13 years old, complaining of horrible knee pain. The knee pain was so bad I would have to sock it to try to get to the deep tissue. I would just cry it was such a horrible ache. I went to the doctor they took x-rays. Doctor said, ” Oh, wow you have the knees of an elderly woman” . Nothing was done.

14 years old-15 years old, complaining of pain all over body, fatigue, swollen wrist/ankles, stomach pain. I wish I had all the meds he had prescribed me within a matter of 3 months. It was crazy. I know for sure it was Celebrex, Tylenol 3, prednisone, and much more. Doctor said ” I believe you are just stressed out” 

16 years old complaining of anxiety, really bad stomach pain and only able to go to the bathroom once a week. Doctors saidYou just need to eat more prunes and take these suppositories” 

17 years old complaining of a rash that covered by whole entire back. Doctor said ” Yikes, I don’t know what that is.

19 years old caught a fever of 105.0 that lasted for a week. Was given IV antibiotics never helped, the fever went away on its own. Doctor said, ” I don’t know its just a mystery”. 

To make my timeline short from 20-21 years old I got the same old mess. Doctors telling me I needed bi-polar meds, sleeping meds, pain meds, and gave me a prescription to go talk to a psychiatrist. I only wanted them to see my pain was real.

I was finally labeled with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Anemia.  I was not happy I had a  label on me, I am happy I can research and try to heal this nightmare. It’s been such a long road, I’m glad I am not making a detour toward healthy living.

Never Give up!

Goodnight, Shawna