5 Reasons I Quit Taking My RA & Fibromyalgia Medication

I get this question asked a lot “why don’t you take your meds?” they ask if there is medication for your diagnosis why aren’t you utilizing it? Honestly, I’ve always been someone to take up on a challenge, but this is not the reason I quit taking my meds. Some days my meds helped me and some days it caused me to feel much worse than I already was. I just got tired of taking so many meds a day and being so isolated life just felt numb to me and no reason to live in it. So I got the courage 4 years ago to grab all my meds and toss them for good! Here are 5 reasons why;


  1. Steroids- I started taking prednisone at 14 and even though it made me feel better it was still covering up the root cause. It caused me to gain so much weight, I hated it. It was a temporary fix, I was tired of the temporary.
  2. Consistency-  I was prescribed a lot of meds that were both for cancer and autoimmune diseases so my hair will grow to fall out. If I caught a cold or the flu I would have to stop the meds until it passed. For some reason all the side effects of the meds that only show in a few people, I was always that few! So doctors’ were always switching my meds trying new things.
  3. Sleepiness- It’s already tough being a mother, it’s so much harder when you can’t even stay awake. I would be so out of it and by the time I would wake up the sun was down and the day escaped me. So, how did I keep a job? Caffeine! it was my BFF I drunk about 10 cups a day just to get me by, but I would only end up sicker than I was because caffeine is a big trigger when I’m having a flare-up. There was nothing I could do because my body became so immune to the meds so quickly they would have to bump it up to a higher dosage.
  4. Addiction- I became addicted to Xanax, I found myself popping pills when I wasn’t even having anxiety just because they made me feel a little alive. I could smile on days I really didn’t have it in me. I drank a lot because it made me numb and in that moment took me away from that person I hated most (Sick Shawna).
  5. Family- I was missing out on family, I avoided family gatherings because I would be so nervous of questions (Wow, Shawna you gained weight or Wow, you have gotten so skinny) yea…yea.. if only you knew my struggles. I couldn’t stand loud noises and I didn’t want them to see me have an anxiety attack because I was afraid to be around a big crowd. I just go tired of explaining myself.

I got tired of living this way, and I couldn’t stand another day of it. So I prayed to God…well more liked screamed, hollered and sobbed. I said enough is enough, I won’t continue to live my life this way and gave myself away to God so he could use me. That’s when I tried my first Daniel fast, started detoxing and doing so much research. God started to overflow my mind with things that needed to be done and they work for me. Some days get tough but I press on because God is greater than my illness. See my illness had me bound on the verge to committing suicide and ending it all but God said otherwise. I feel so free and full of life, this is my why. I have now found my purpose in life. I wasn’t created to be sick my whole life, but to find God and fulfill the purpose he created me for.  I was just a person that the medication didn’t work out for. I’m just glad to be medication free and living life with a purpose.





Fibromyalgia Shoulder Blade Pain; Treated with Lidocaine Injections

There is this pain that takes place in my shoulder blades every blue moon and when it hits me it’s a wrap. I don’t know how many of you know the exact pain I am speaking about, but when it’s there it stay there and nags at you for hours and sometimes days. Nothing would take the pain away except for strong pain killers, which made me sick. I kept going to different doctors in hopes they could help me but it all was in vain.

The only thing that took the pain away for that moment was deep tissue massaging it, which left me in pain and sore afterward.None of the Fibromyalgia medications helped with my shoulder blade pain. I decided to go see a different local doctor, he explained to me that he has been researching and since none of the medications given were helping,  he wanted to try and numb the area. At that moment I was like ” I do not care what you do, just take away this pain” This doctor injected lidocaine into several spots around my shoulder blade which are called “trigger point injections”…..What a relief!! 288The only con was it numbed my arms as well, but I was still able to use them. The lidocaine lasted a couple of days, which is not bad anything beats taking strong pain meds.

Even though it worked, I found myself having to go back to the doctor once a week just for the injections. I fell weary and wanted something, I didn’t have to go to the doctor every week for. It was hard for me to find something just to pinpoint the shoulder blade pain and besides as time went on I was at the doctor for all kinds of things. The doctor looked confused and so did I and I walked away with steroids…of course.

I think if I need a quick fix, I would go back to get the injections but I can’t bring myself to go every week. Now, I try all I can to overcome the pain at home. I try massaging it out with a golf ball most of the times and then take a hot shower. Whatever works!

If you have bad shoulder blade pain from Fibromyalgia, what is it that you do?

Comment down below



Suicidal Thoughts with a Chronic Illness

I want to start this off by saying this; you never know what is going on in the life of someone from young to old that may cause them to take their life. Please never judge a book by its cover. My heart goes out to any and everyone who has lost someone due to suicide. Let’s take the time to listen and really hear them and understand them because not one single person is perfect. #showlove

Living with a chronic illness is rough it takes a toll on your body, mind, and spirit. All you want to do is get better and live a normal life. It’s hard when people look at you and decide for themselves that your not sick because they can not see it. And once you hit a flare up and lose so much weight they diagnose you as being an addict or if you gain to much weight from steroids. We keep smiles on our faces to mask our pain but in the inside we hurt.

I remember driving along the highway a few times and thinking to myself, I should just drive onto the other side of the highway to just end it all. I was so tired of being in pain and having so many problems, I felt there was no reason to live if I couldn’t enjoy life. When you are in pain you don’t think about the people around you, sometimes you can’t your mind is tired and weary. Depression, anxiety, and pain weighs you down and kills your hope in life.Some days you cry and some days you don’t have any tears to cry. Chronic pain is and will never be easy to deal with, and we will all have our days, hang in there.

Suicidal thoughts come and go during a time when you are deeply unhappy with the situation you are in. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone, do something that makes you smile, most importantly try not to be alone. Even though during this time it may seem like you are all by yourself; remember you are not. God is always with you, to the ends of the earth.

Matthew 28:20

Always, Shawna

Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare

It has been so hard lately to get up and get to the computer and spill my brains out. My body has been taken over by fatigue for a few weeks now. November through January are always mu hardest months to get past. Rheumatoid Arthritis likes to have its way during these months every year for about 6 years now. Since I don’t take anything anymore for my illness I struggle. This too shall pass. Even though I’m not okay I will be okay because my positive out weighs my negative thoughts.

A week ago I noticed I developed another nodule on my right  pinky knuckle, man how annoying it is. I am just glad that I am becoming aware of when my arthritis acts up the most, so that I can prepare for it.

Since I am trying to battle a chronic illness without medicine it is important for me to listen to my body. If my body says sleep, I must sleep and to also up my iron and vitamin C. This is why I set up my Daniel fast starting Dec 1st it helps me get through these flare up months.

My message is to you today, is to make sure you keep a journal and learn your body. Take control of your chronic illness and stay on top of your symptoms so you can face them before they get bigger than you can handle.

Enjoy your day!


Rest in Me My Love

You open your eyes after falling asleep maybe 3 hours ago, it’s time for the kids to go to school. You slowly move to get out of bed because your body aches, don’t let the weather be shifting outside or you may wake up stiff too. Your feet hit the floor and you say “Oh God, please help me”.

Most chronic pain sufferers start their day this way, it’s hard to have pain day after day. Having to be a regular on the doctors’ visit list. Having to take pain meds that mostly make you sleep and you miss out on daily living. Having tears drop and you hurry up and wipe them away because you don’t want your family to see the hurt inside.

This morning I, open my eyes and asked God for something encouraging to say to you all today. Something that you can hold on too, He whispered to me”Rest in Me, My Love”. When He said, my love, my heart sank, not just rest in me but, you are His love, the apple of His eye.

God loves us so much, never forget His love is never-failing. May He wrap you in His loving arms.

Blessings and Happy Wednesday 💜


Lazy Girl Green Juice

So this morning I was not feeling my best, but I still knew I needed to get my juice fix. I slowly walked into the kitchen dreading to chop up everything I wanted to blend.

So I decided since I, already had the green goodness and carrot juice why not just blend it together with some added spinach. What a great way to blend in less than a minute.

It taste the same but with a little extra jazz that the green goodness had. Great for on the go add spinach for extra dose of iron. 🙂

Lazy Girl Green Juice


1 cup of Green Goodness

1 cup of Carrot Juice

2 handfuls of spinach ( less spinach if you don’t like pulp)

Makes enough for 2-3 cups


xoxo Shawna

Faith During the Race of Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness can weigh you down and may be the biggest race you have to run in this life because it is long-lasting. Day after day we suffer from pain that disables us on the outside, but most importantly on the inside. Pain causing you to think differently, react differently and hope differently.

Think back to when you were feeling at your greatest in your body and the way it made you feel. We all want that back, but I wonder if it was meant to be. Not to be in pain forever no one wants that, but to be in a long enough season to reach certain people. People who are hurting just like us, who feel like all hope is lost.

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2

We are here to sympathize with others going through similar situations and be of help to them. Even when we are weak ourselves there is still a work to be done. When others become weak and fatigue during this race, we will step in and give them hope and inspire them. Let them know you are not alone, but we are in this together.

Prayer for today:

Dear God, today I stand in the gap for those who are not able to even pray for themselves, the one’s who feel all hope is lost, the one’s who feel like you have turned your back on them. I pray that you give them strength to hold on to life and to press through this trying season. ” By His stripes, we are healed” and God I believe on your word. Being sick is never an easy burden to carry, you said you wouldn’t put more on us than we could bare. God heal the fatigue, confusion, muscle aches, hurting bones, headaches, stomach problems all of the infirmities that are not of you.  I put all of those illnesses on the cross today and leave them in your hands, In Jesus name.


Be helper one to another 🙂


Things Doctors Say

Things Doctors said to Me!

I was thinking today about how it took a long time to be diagnosed when I, was always at the doctors. I just had a few laughs about what I was told growing up until now. I don’t knock doctors because they are still learning, new illnesses are coming up every day. They are doing their best.

My Timeline

4 years old, complained of pain in my left middle finger. Overnight my finger became deformed, it  would become stiff and ache a lot. My mom took me to the doctor, Doctor’s said ” Oh, we can break it and hope it grows back normal”

10 years old, complained of a large rash on the side of my face. I was fine when I went to sleep woke and I had some sort of burn on my face. Went to the doctor, Doctors said ” It’s just an allergic reaction, put this cream on”

13 years old, complaining of horrible knee pain. The knee pain was so bad I would have to sock it to try to get to the deep tissue. I would just cry it was such a horrible ache. I went to the doctor they took x-rays. Doctor said, ” Oh, wow you have the knees of an elderly woman” . Nothing was done.

14 years old-15 years old, complaining of pain all over body, fatigue, swollen wrist/ankles, stomach pain. I wish I had all the meds he had prescribed me within a matter of 3 months. It was crazy. I know for sure it was Celebrex, Tylenol 3, prednisone, and much more. Doctor said ” I believe you are just stressed out” 

16 years old complaining of anxiety, really bad stomach pain and only able to go to the bathroom once a week. Doctors saidYou just need to eat more prunes and take these suppositories” 

17 years old complaining of a rash that covered by whole entire back. Doctor said ” Yikes, I don’t know what that is.

19 years old caught a fever of 105.0 that lasted for a week. Was given IV antibiotics never helped, the fever went away on its own. Doctor said, ” I don’t know its just a mystery”. 

To make my timeline short from 20-21 years old I got the same old mess. Doctors telling me I needed bi-polar meds, sleeping meds, pain meds, and gave me a prescription to go talk to a psychiatrist. I only wanted them to see my pain was real.

I was finally labeled with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Anemia.  I was not happy I had a  label on me, I am happy I can research and try to heal this nightmare. It’s been such a long road, I’m glad I am not making a detour toward healthy living.

Never Give up!

Goodnight, Shawna 


Working Out with Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you are like me and like to eat healthy, then I assume you also like to have some sort of workout regimen planned out as well. Working out with an illness that causes joint pain and muscles aches can be hard  to deal with. This can discourage you, causing you to lose interest and forget about working out altogether. I’ve been there many of times and it’s far beyond frustrating.

See, I personally love weights and heavy lifting. I grew up with six brothers, who loved to workout. When I would see growth in my muscles I would get so excited, showing off my gains. Who was I, fooling I could only do it for so long. After a month of training my body I had a horrible flare up and I was down for about 6 months. So over the years when I wasn’t having a flare up and decided to lift heavy, I notice I would have a flare up. So I became aware that stress on my muscles with the weights were causing wear and tear on my joints.

Since the age of thirteen I, was told that eventually knee replacements would have to happen for me. So, I must avoid making things worse. My knees hurt daily because they are already damaged so I learned to modify my workouts.

Always listen to your body, it talks to you if you pay attention to it. You don’t want to damage your body more than it already is. So if it hurts please stop and never force anything.

I noticed I can’t workout 5-6 times a day ;because it puts too much strain on my bones.  For me 3-4 times a week is more than enough, some can only handle 2-3 days which is great. Most important thing is to stay active, keeping those bones lubricated. Instead of lifting like a cross-trainer I now replace the bar with bands. Bands work just as great and you still build muscle to protect the joints.

I know it is hard to workout during a flare up, but you have to try to do just a few exercises it helps a lot.  Even if it’s just walking back and forth outside a few times, or around the park one time. A little exercise is better than none. I will have to post some of my different exercises I do, when I am in a flare up and when I am not. You can modify them to fit your needs. Look out for those soon !

Remember: Be HELPER to one another 

XOXO, Shawna 

Without Ceasing

Great Morning!

I am just thinking back this morning as I, drink my morning coffee. When I was 5 years old my mother passed out on her way to the bathroom, she was diagnosed with leukemia. I remember I didn’t like going to the hospital because the way she look scared me. I only went a few times; I was only 5 I didn’t understand. I knew she was sick, but not what caused her appearance to change.

Out of that whole time she was battling cancer the only thing that really stood out to me was the way my daddy prayed. He prayed without ceasing, not only did he pray but he called upon others from the church to pray as well. When my father prayed you could see the desire and genuineness he put forth, and he didn’t give up.

My mother battled this for a few years, and she is still here today. I’m 29 now, even though my father is now gone he installed in me to never give up. No matter how tough the road may get, pray without ceasing. Yes, I am aware of the condition that tries to take over. I am also aware that I have more power than my illness will ever have. So every day when I wake up, I let my illness know who I AM. I will not be defeated by some illness that is trying to stop me from my blessings. I will stand in the gap for every person suffering. God had changed my way of thinking, and because of that I can stand here medicine free and encourage other people.

I am not against prescription medications, and never will I tell someone to stop doing what works for them. I can only do what works for me. I can only share my story and experiences with you. I’m not here by mistake, and neither are you.

Remember: Be helpers to one another 💜

Shawna XOXO