As I woke up this morning, I realized I’m still on this earth for a reason. Yes, I do have a illness that affects my daily living and times get hard when I just want to quit. But over time I have learned what works for me.

By listening to God and allowing him to speak to me I now know what I can and can’t do. There are days when I slip up and eat things I shouldn’t or over work myself causing a flare up to happen. At least I, know where I can turn to in order to bring my focus back on where it needs to be.

Im sure most of us could have been taken from this world many of times, but God has spared our lives to continue to fulfill His purpose.

Yes, some days will be worse than others. But God is there for you. God will give you the wisdom and strength to guide you through this season. It won’t be easy, but you made it this far. Don’t Quit!

Be HELPERS to another 💜

Have a Blessed Day!