5 Reasons I Quit Taking My RA & Fibromyalgia Medication

I get this question asked a lot “why don’t you take your meds?” they ask if there is medication for your diagnosis why aren’t you utilizing it? Honestly, I’ve always been someone to take up on a challenge, but this is not the reason I quit taking my meds. Some days my meds helped me and some days it caused me to feel much worse than I already was. I just got tired of taking so many meds a day and being so isolated life just felt numb to me and no reason to live in it. So I got the courage 4 years ago to grab all my meds and toss them for good! Here are 5 reasons why;


  1. Steroids- I started taking prednisone at 14 and even though it made me feel better it was still covering up the root cause. It caused me to gain so much weight, I hated it. It was a temporary fix, I was tired of the temporary.
  2. Consistency-  I was prescribed a lot of meds that were both for cancer and autoimmune diseases so my hair will grow to fall out. If I caught a cold or the flu I would have to stop the meds until it passed. For some reason all the side effects of the meds that only show in a few people, I was always that few! So doctors’ were always switching my meds trying new things.
  3. Sleepiness- It’s already tough being a mother, it’s so much harder when you can’t even stay awake. I would be so out of it and by the time I would wake up the sun was down and the day escaped me. So, how did I keep a job? Caffeine! it was my BFF I drunk about 10 cups a day just to get me by, but I would only end up sicker than I was because caffeine is a big trigger when I’m having a flare-up. There was nothing I could do because my body became so immune to the meds so quickly they would have to bump it up to a higher dosage.
  4. Addiction- I became addicted to Xanax, I found myself popping pills when I wasn’t even having anxiety just because they made me feel a little alive. I could smile on days I really didn’t have it in me. I drank a lot because it made me numb and in that moment took me away from that person I hated most (Sick Shawna).
  5. Family- I was missing out on family, I avoided family gatherings because I would be so nervous of questions (Wow, Shawna you gained weight or Wow, you have gotten so skinny) yea…yea.. if only you knew my struggles. I couldn’t stand loud noises and I didn’t want them to see me have an anxiety attack because I was afraid to be around a big crowd. I just go tired of explaining myself.

I got tired of living this way, and I couldn’t stand another day of it. So I prayed to God…well more liked screamed, hollered and sobbed. I said enough is enough, I won’t continue to live my life this way and gave myself away to God so he could use me. That’s when I tried my first Daniel fast, started detoxing and doing so much research. God started to overflow my mind with things that needed to be done and they work for me. Some days get tough but I press on because God is greater than my illness. See my illness had me bound on the verge to committing suicide and ending it all but God said otherwise. I feel so free and full of life, this is my why. I have now found my purpose in life. I wasn’t created to be sick my whole life, but to find God and fulfill the purpose he created me for.  I was just a person that the medication didn’t work out for. I’m just glad to be medication free and living life with a purpose.





30 Day Chronic Illness Bible Reading Plan

I wanted to create a Bible reading plan that can be used for Chronic Illness warriors that just need a little extra push. Sometimes we get discouraged and feel all hope is lost but just remember God will never leave you nor forsake you!

I pray this reading plan will uplift your spirits and draw you closer to God. You can also download a copy for yourself in pdf format below.

Be  Blessed

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The Shift, do you feel it too?

Hey Beautiful People!!!

People are always quoting “It’s a New Season” people want to see harvest come about from what they have sowed into their lives. People sow into what they want to grow with all their might and faith knowing that one day, month or year that it will come to pass.

There is something so great about 2017. I believe this is the year everything you have been trying to complete for years us about to happen if you are focused. For some reason, I have this feeling of wholeness, like God is just doing new things. For insecurity, anxiety, past issues from years ago, marriages, friendships on and on. We must keep our faith and believe it shall come to pass.

This year is the year where faith should become even stronger. It is really a new season to be blessed. Things are shifting so prepare yourself for good things

Have a blessed Night 🙂

Always, Shawna

Healing is a Process

1475548464819I lost a great man on July 10, 2005. It was a month after I had graduated High School, I got a call from my mother saying ” Dad wouldn’t  make it through the day”. I tell you my heart must have jumped out my chest, I didn’t know what to say or emotion to feel. Even though I held it together when everyone was around I was really a train wreck. I didn’t want him to go because I needed him he was my back bone.

My father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in my freshmen year of high school, when I was battling my own illness. I remember he never wanted to show me that he was in pain. One day he must have felt really nauseous and instead of going to the bathroom he ran outside in the back instead and coming back in as if nothing had happened. He spoke nothing of it and neither did I.

To this day I still can’t recall when things took a turn for the worst. It went from him taking shots daily to being placed on the liver transplant list within 2 years. I could look in his eyes and tell he was in so much pain, but never said much. He held on and stayed humbled with a smile that could bring sunshine in a dark room.
I really regret distancing myself from him once things became worse, but I couldn’t see him that way. It tore me apart and my heart became cold. I did some things in my life that I am not happy about. Pain must be dealt with or it can ruin your life. Not one outlet made it better it just made it worse, and I hurt a lot of people in the process.

When I was given the news that he had gone home to be with the Lord, I cried but really all I felt was anger. When I was taken to the hospital, I saw him lying there lifeless at that moment I died inside. My life got buried when he did, no words to say to anyone what was the point. I was hurting and didn’t know how to release it. Continue reading “Healing is a Process”